Despite the recent and sudden news of Scott Derrickson exiting Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness as director, the movie will remain on schedule. Which shows from the most recent casting news for its villains.

“Two villains are currently being cast for the film, one is a 30s-40s female open ethnicity villain and one is a 30s-40s African-American villain.”

One thing that jumps out to me is that while the first role’s gender is specified, the latter is not. However, from how Discussing Film writes this report, they imply that the role will be for male actors. Regardless, I imagine that the latter will be for Nightmare, due to him being the rumored villain in WandaVision. Tying directly into Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness, which makes it more likely for them to be the villain there too. Not to mention that this movie will be dealing with alternate dimensions of which Nightmare is a ruler over. Specifically the Dream Dimension, which would be a missed opportunity not to visit.

As for who this female villain could possibly be? There are actually multiple candidates. I personally feel it could be either Clea or Umar. Both of whom are most connected to the Dark Dimension, as seen in the last movie. However, Marvel Studios does like to change character backstories and they very well could become residences of the Dream Dimension instead. In the comics, Umar was the sibling of Dormammu, which could easily be changed to the sibling of Nightmare. She is also the mother of Clea, whom actually becomes one of Doctor Strange’s love interests in the comics. I could honestly see it being either of them.

So, who do you think these villains will be? Who would you like to see cast? Comment below!

Source: Discussing Film