Last week’s Spider-Man news blew everyone’s socks off when it was announced that Jamie Foxx was returning to the role of Electro for the third Spidey film, leaving a lot of people confused how it would work out. Now, we may have a better understanding of why. According to THR, Benedict Cumberbatch is now also being added to the cast as Doctor Strange.

So Strange’s inclusion in this film pretty much solidifies that there will be some multiversal happenings in this movie. Jamie Foxx revealed the day after his return was announced that his character wouldn’t necessarily be the same blue guy we saw in The Amazing Spider-Man so that in itself brings up a lot of questions. Strange appearing here makes sense as the film continues the trend of Peter having to work with more prominent heroes. It also makes sense given how the Strange sequel will deal with the multiverse. Last we heard, the character is also set to make an appearance in Wandavision as well. The Doctor’s about to be real busy this Phase 4.

Source: THR