We have only just gotten a glimpse of Marvel’s next feature film, Doctor Strange, but details of what we haven’t seen are starting to emerge. The writer of the film, C. Robert Carghill, has said that there is much more to the world of Doctor Strange than the public has seen so far. And now, one of the movie’s stars is speaking about the horror influence we’ll see throughout the film. Scott Adkins recently talked to the folks at the Huffington Post about Doctor Strange and teased that it will be going some places that Marvel films have never previously gone, and perhaps most interestingly, that the film will be heavily inspired by director Scott Derrickson’s background in the horror genre.

This is going to show that other dimension side. I’m sure [director] Scott Derrickson’s going to bring some of his horror element into it as well. It’s gonna be a different version of a Marvel comic.

It would be surprising if Doctor Strange didn’t go to another dimension, with many fans excited to see how Marvel brings the Astral Plane, which Strange can navigate, to life. Much of the Doctor Strange universe is a mental journey, one that is rich in visual opportunities. Adkins goes on to say that the tone of the superhero genre will be different once Doctor Strange hits later this year.

What’s great about Marvel is they don’t just make superhero movies. They make a different genre out of a different superhero film. Whether it’s a thriller, a straight-up action movie or political thriller, they’re likely to choose a different genre for different heroes, and we’re gonna see some psychedelic stuff in this one. Very exciting.

While there has still been no announcement regarding who Adkins is playing in the film, he did hint that he has a fight scene with Strange. When asked to compare the fighting skills of costars Benedict Cumberbatch and Mads Mikkelsen, he hinted that he might have gotten the best of Cumberbatch.

Oh, now you’re really putting me on the spot with the screen-fighting bit. Both of them are wonderful people, and I’m not just saying that. They’re a joy to be around. Real gentlemen. Benedict is so smart so intelligent — so knowledgable about everything and just a real sweet, very nice guy. He’s not used to the fighting side of things. It’s kind of new to him. Well, I guess he did some in “Star Trek”, but it’s my thing. It’s not his thing. I was very happy to give him his — well, he tried his damnedest. And I’m sure the finished product is going to show that. And Mads Mikkelsen. He’s a great guy. He’s really down to earth … both of them are just fantastic actors.

With multiple dimensions and psychedelic effects, the fight scenes could also be on a whole new level for Marvel films. Are there visuals from the comics that you are hoping to see brought to life in this film? Let us know in the comments.

Doctor Strange is scheduled for release on November 4th.

Source: Huffington Post via Square Eyed