For fans of the character of Peggy Carter, this has been a rough past month. Not only was her funeral shown in Captain America: Civil War, but her personal series Agent Carter, led by Hayley Atwell, was officially canceled just a few weeks ago. Since that time, there has been a big push and desire for the series to continue in some other form, or at least have a small wrap up. This led to a continually growing fan petition to bring her to Netflix, which you can sign here.

Most recently, Atwell herself has voiced her desire to keep the series going, but there has yet to be any sort of official word on whether or not we will see more of Peggy. While we wait to see if Agent Carter continues on Netflix, Amazon, or some other platform, Dominic Cooper has joined Atwell in speaking out about his desire to return as Howard Stark at any cost at a recent panel appearance posted by Red Carpet News TV.

I’m well up for doing more Howard Stark and I know they’re up for doing more of their characters, so fingers crossed.

There is no chance of the series returning on cable, but everyone seems to be rooting for it to come to Netflix. Whether it be a two hour movie or four to eight episode mini-series, Netflix seems to be the most logical choice and due to the possibilities that are in store, it should be.

There may be more story to tell and what’s wonderful about streaming sites is that while it may have been the end of the road, now there’s hope that it might not be.

Even though it is not easy for the crew involved to be down on themselves for having their show canceled, with the previously mentioned petition and the #SaveAgentCarter movement on Twitter, there is clearly a lot of love for everyone involved. Atwell gets plenty of the praise, but James D’Arcy also gained a big following due to his performance as Jarvis. If you are someone that has voiced your love for the series, Cooper says it means a lot to the two stars.

I know James and Haley, the fact that people have gotten behind it and want to see it return means a huge amount to them.

If you are someone that wants to see Agent Carter return, let your voice be heard online by signing the petition linked previously or use the aforementioned hashtag. You could also go offline and write a letter to ABC, Marvel, Netflix, or somebody else to try and spread the word. Let us know if you want to see more of the show in the comments below!

Source: Red Carpet News TV.