Throughout the promotion of Captain America: Civil War, Marvel has not shied away from showing one scene that has brought about plenty of speculation. Tony Stark cradling a seemingly unconscious, or possibly deceased, Rhodey following the airport fight is a powerful image that hits home the true stakes of the movie. We could debate all day about whether or not he dies, and if so, why Marvel would put that in a trailer, but there’s no need.

Don Cheadle recently talked to New York Daily News about the movie and the memorable scene from the trailers. Due to the high level of secrecy Marvel works with and not wanting to reveal spoilers, it’s no surprise he did not confirm how things play out for him. However, if you are someone who does not want to see Rhodey die, he did say he enjoys seeing those comments.

I’m on Twitter, so I’ve gotten a few people going, ‘Rhodey better not be dead, son. I’m going to be so mad.’ Or ‘I’m done with this thing if Rhodey’s dead.’ But that’s cool, I like that people get so upset about it. I like that in a Marvel movie people are able to evoke such emotion.

Playing the part of War Machine does not entail him to do all the stunts that other actors might do, simply because we do not see his face, unless we get an in-helmet look. This may be easier on him at times, but also takes away from interacting with the rest of the cast. Do not be afraid though, everyone get’s a few scenes to work together as the large ensemble.

Making those Marvel movies is always so interesting, because for Robert and I, once the face plate is down, (the computer programmers) most of the time take over.

So we’re not often all together in the same place. This time, we have a couple of scenes where we’re all together — a board room scene, at headquarters and out on the tarmac (for the film’s signature battle).

When they do ask about him being shot out of the sky by a mysterious energy blast (possibly from a change of heart Vision or Zemo?), he admits that his future does not look to good at that point.

It does look bad for Rhodey.

We will have to wait another month or so until we finally learn the answer to his fate. Chime in with your thoughts in the comments below!

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6th, 2016.

Source: New York Daily News.