This whole thing with Namor just doesn’t seem to end. We learned last week of a rumor that Marvel was moving forward with a live-action adaptation of one of their first superheroes, Namor, following the purchase of a Naval base in Hawaii which would be turned into a production soundstage. The rumor was quickly followed by more evidence when Production Weekly listed a project called The Sub-Mariner, in their lists detailing films and shows that would soon head into production. And jumping on the Namor hype train is Hong Kong martial superstar Donnie Yen. In a response to the recent campaign by fans for the Rogue One star to play the Sub-Mariner via, Donnie had this to say:

From the looks of that tweet, Donnie Yen seems interested in the role. Ecstatic at the idea even. Donnie Yen is a great fit for the character especially if they would go for an older and more seasoned Namor. He’s a good-looking sultry chap, a martial arts expert, did a fine job in the latest Star Wars film and has done both TV and film. Fans have been longing for an actor of Asian descent to play Namor so this nugget of info should bring nothing but excitement to those fans.

What do you guys think? Are you guys down for Yip Man himself to lead the lost city of Atlantis and have him scream Imperius Rex on-screen? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter