If there was one Guardians of the Galaxy character that blew people away with how great they turned out to be, it’s easily Dave Bautista‘s Drax the Destroyer. Bautista’s dry, sardonic yet heartfelt take on the Destroyer charmed audiences and turned him into an instant favorite. Fans are dying to see more of Drax (and Marvel knows this judging from their Vol. 2 marketing push!), and judging from these new set reports, it looks like Drax will have a foil in the sequel in the form of Mantis. During the press set reports for the film, Kevin Feige revealed to Nerdist the dynamic these two characters will have:

Mantis has never really encountered other people and other… humanoids before, and makes Drax look like the most world-savvy person there is. And it’s a tough thing to do and to be endearing, and she’s pretty amazing at it.

Mantis is one of the few characters that will be making their debut in Volume 2. Based off of her far more outrageous comic book counterpart, this version of Mantis will be tailored to fit in James Gunn‘s vision for the film.

It’s my version, but there’s elements of the comics as well. I think that, frankly, some of these characters that do have the various pasts, and various different origins are a little bit easier in Guardians movies, because they don’t come with as much expectations. I think adding alien elements to some of these characters makes it a little easier. From the beginning I say, for the time being, Quill is the only Earthling superhero, member of the Guardians. So, that was part of what I had in mind with her, and that’s probably part of why I landed on her as well.

She works for Ego basically. That’s it. I think it’s very interesting to watch the relationship between Mantis and the other characters. Because like them, she’s an outcast. I think the relationship between her and Drax is very interesting because they’re both complete oddballs.”

There are a ton of juicy bits from their comments but the real main hook here is the exciting dynamic these two characters will display on-screen. Oddball pairings aren’t a new thing in the MCU, but it’s nice seeing them mix and match characters of different natures. I absolutely love the idea of Mantis being completely enamored by Drax’s world experience and can only expect hilarity when these two people meet. Imagine Drax explaining the ways of the world to someone more oblivious than him.

Source: Nerdist