Last year when Spider-Man was separate from the MCU, Sony was moving forward with a Sinister Six movie within their Spider-Man Universe. They brought on Drew Goddard to write and direct the film, which meant he had to leave his duties as the show-runner for Daredevil. With Sony and Marvel now sharing Spider-Man, we thought that Goddard’s Sinister Six movie was a thing of the past, but it may not be.

Goddard is currently making his way through the press tour for The Martian, which he wrote, and revealed some new details on the state of Sinister Six while talking with io9. He was planning a movie within the Spider-Man Universe Sony had started building but also one that could fit within any universe, maybe even the MCU.

My vision of that movie was a summer annual. So you didn’t have to worry about continuity. It was just, ‘We take Peter, put him on an adventure, we put him back in his life.’ I intentionally wanted a movie that didn’t have to worry about mythology and continuity. It was important to me to make a movie that could stand on its own. So the good news is, you know, [laughs], it slots in very well to any plan anybody ever wants. We just need to let a couple years go by, I think.

The real question here is does Sony or Marvel still want this movie to be made. We don’t know how good his relationship with Sony is at this point but Goddard recently revealed that he is still involved with Marvel and Daredevil which is a good sign that Marvel still likes what he brings to the table. He also understands the business side behind canning his project for the time being.

The tricky part about all this is I love this plan. I love that you get to see Spider-Man in Marvel movies. I think that’s a great thing. I’m on board with that decision because as a fan that’s what I want. So who knows what the future holds? This is Hollywood, man, you’ve gotta play the long game.

It was a Spider-Man movie. It was the giant, epic Spider-Man movie of my dreams.

We may have to wait a while to see this movie (if it ever happens) but Goddard sure is enthusiastic about the project so why not give him a shot at it.

The newest Spider-Man will debut in Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016 before getting his own standalone film on July 28, 2017.

Source: io9