It’s been an interesting journey that Drew Goddard has had with Marvel. He was originally attached as the show runner for Daredevil but when Sony gave him the opportunity to develop a Sinister Six movie for their Spider-verse, he jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately for Goddard, with Spider-Man now apart of the MCU, his villain movie has been scrapped.

With Goddard no longer on board, Steven DeKnight took over as show runner and followed the plan that he had pitched. While promoting the future Blu-Ray/DVD release of The Martian, which he wrote, Goddard spoke with Empire about his initial pitch and what he wanted from Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’onofrio).

Yeah, the first things I pitched to Netflix was the end of episode four with the car door. I said, ‘This is what you need to understand. I don’t want to see this character do violence until someone is mean to Vanessa and then he goes insane. We want to set our compass to that.’

It’s a weird archetype because in some ways he has the more defined arc for the season than our hero does. We intentionally flopped the traditional protagonist and antagonist arcs in season one, because Steve DeKnight and I both respond to villains and we wanted the villain to have as much emotional depth.

Goddard also talked about his version of a Sinister Six movie. This movie would have primarily consisted of new villains, but for him, that wasn’t the way he viewed it.

It’s weird, to me all of these characters exist so it never feels new to me. The approach is the same because it’s still about how those characters are.

He went on to write an entire script before the movie was canceled, and despite it being a movie centered around the villains, he enjoyed writing more for Peter.

Spidey is the most fun. I don’t know that I have a favourite of the six.

Goddard has previously been hopeful that a version of Sinister Six could still be made, but his outlook has drastically changed over the last few months.

Look, we’re not making it anytime soon. I wish I had more information.

It’s unfortunate for Goddard that he keeps striking out on Marvel jobs, but since he still helps out at times with Daredevil and has a good relationship with the company, I hope the two parties eventually figure out a way to work together.

Source: Empire.