As production is expected to begin in March on The Inhumans, we can expect to see some major cast and crew announcements in the coming weeks and months. In December, we learned that Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck would serve as showrunner for The Inhumans as well, and now we know who will be directing The Royal Family’s debut. The first two episodes, which will be screened in over 1,000 IMAX theaters over Labor Day Weekend before airing on ABC a few weeks later, will be directed by Roel Reine, a Netherlands native whose filmography includes several Dutch films as well as…Death Race 2 and The Scorpion King 3. His other credits are slightly more encouraging:

Reine won the Dutch equivalent to an Oscar for best director for his first theatrical feature “The Delivery”. His 2015 feature “Admiral” was the only Dutch movie to land in the top 10 in the Netherlands. Stateside, Reine directed his first U.S. TV series with Starz’s pirate drama “Black Sails.”

The choice may not seem like the most orthodox one, but Marvel does have a history of selecting unknown filmmakers with less-than-impressive filmographies to helm big projects. Remember when those two sitcom directors were put in charge of the Captain America franchise? Or when the director of Yes Man replaced Edgar Wright on Ant-Man? Or how about when the writer of such esteemed films as Scooby-Doo was tapped to direct Guardians of the Galaxy? So while Reine might give some fans pause, it’s important to note that he primarily has directed feature-films in the past, suggesting that Marvel and IMAX hope to lend a big-screen feel to The Inhumans.

Source: THR

The Inhumans will premiere in IMAX screens and on ABC this September.