Avengers: Endgame has changed quite a lot. Now, we are heading into a brand new territory without any idea what to expect. Some of the upcoming projects have been revealed through trades, we still have no clear outline for the franchise. Fans are still waiting for Kevin Feige to announce how Phase 4 will be shaped and what they have planned for viewers down the line. After such an impressive and ambitious project like Endgame, many may also be going to try their hand in joining the MCU. Now, Dwayne Johnson has thrown his hat into the ring once more to tease another Marvel Studios meeting through an Instagram post.

“I know our assistants have been trying to get us together for dinner for months now. We’re both super busy boys and I look forward to our schedules linking up.”

Looks like Johnson has been trying to get this to happen for some time and it would be great to see him join the franchise. The actor has worked with Disney on a lot of projects, such as Moana and the upcoming Jungle Cruise. His next involvement in a comic book property will be DC’s Black Adam that will feature him as an anti-hero. We Got This Covered did point out that he would make for a great Namor and he could offer an interesting twist on the character. If these talks do happen, hopefully, he will get a role for many films to come and join the MCU family.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Would you want Dwayne Johnson in an MCU film? If yes, who do you want him to play?

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