With the year ending real soon, we’re only a couple of weeks away from the Black Panther release. The film starring Chadwick Boseman might be one of their most interesting releases, as outside of it being the studios first African-American led film,  it will also be the earliest Marvel Studios has ever released a film in a year. At some point, Kevin Feige did mention the potential of having four movies released a year and now they might be testing the first quarter’s Box Office potential for a big blockbuster film. Luckily, it seems that Marvel Studios does not have to worry, as early predictions are already placing the film at a $90+ million opening in the US.

The film has a variety of advantages, as similar to Spider-Man: Homecoming, the main character was already introduced in Captain America: Civil War. This ensures that a large chunk of the general audience is aware of the character’s existence and backstory. Subsequently, the film avoids being an origin story, which could help boost interest, as many fatigue articles point to audiences losing interest in those type of storylines to some degree. It also is the first African-American led comic book film since Hancock in 2008. Good word-of-mouth may boost its numbers similarly to DC’s Wonder Woman. The site Box Office Pro also points to the placement on Presidents Day weekend can push it beyond $100 million. It also premieres during Black History Month with an all-star African-American cast, which could also help boost word-of-mouth and ticket sales.

If we go by the more conservative estimate it would put the film at a slightly larger opening weekend than Doctor Strange‘s $85 million. There is still potential for the film to even surpass Iron Man’s $98 million, which is commonly used as the main comparison for franchise’ starters from Marvel Studios. The trailers are already quite promising and it will be interesting to see what the film can manage in February. We will also get Avengers: Infinity War in May, so this might be quite a large year for Marvel Studios’ overall Box Office.

How much do you think Black Panther will make?

Source: Box Office Pro

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