An Echo series for Disney+ is reportedly in the works according to Variety. The project is being spearheaded by Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen, the latter who did the screenplay for Tropic Thunder, and a writers room is already being assembled for the project. This is pretty huge considering we haven’t seen a lick of Echo in the upcoming Hawkeye show where the character and the actor playing her, Alaqua Cox is set to debut.

For the uninitiated, Echo is a deaf Native American character who was introduced during the second volume of Daredevil. She was introduced as a femme fatale supporting character who had ties to Kingpin but eventually became an Avengers under the guise, Ronin. Yeah, Echo was the OG Ronin before Hawkeye was. The fact that Marvel is already working on something like this is an encouraging indication of how the character and actor playing her will be received by fans when Hawkeye premieres and how significant they want her to be. Super exciting stuff.

Source: Variety