The Hawkeye D+ series’ cast of characters is set to expand with the addition of two characters from the comics associated with the Avengers’ resident archer: Madame Masque and Echo. This according to MCU Direct and the Illuminerdi, respectively. Reports of Echo making an appearance in the MCU began in June when insider Charles Murphy reported that Marvel Studios was looking to cast a deaf, Native American, First Nations, Indigenous female to play a character under the name of “Malia.”

Comic fans know Echo to be the original Ronin in the comics, the identity Clint Barton dons in the MCU after his family gets snapped by Thanos. Even though Echo is, by and large, a character from Daredevil’s roster, she has a solid enough connection with Hawkeye in the comics to warrant an appearance in his streaming debut. Madame Masque, on the other hand, was a major player in Matt Fraction‘s Hawkeye run, going head-to-head with Kate Bishop during her tenure in Los Angeles. Technically, the character has already made somewhat of an appearance in Agent Carter Season 2, albeit a wildly different version, but that doesn’t preclude Marvel Studios from doing their own take on the character.

Source: The Direct and Illuminerdi