We are only a few days away from finally seeing The Defenders. There have been a lot of hints at the main villain, who is played by Sigourney Weaver, but not a lot on what we can expect from Elektra’s return in the mini-series. The crossover will continue her storyline from Daredevil‘s second season that saw the reveal of her being the Hand’s “Black Sky.” Given the close ties that Weaver‘s Alexandra has with the shady ninja organization, she will most likely try to make use of the assassin’s skills. In a recent interview with BUILD, the actress Elodie Yung revealed a bit more about the journey we can expect for Elektra throughout the eight-episode miniseries.

You pressed the reset button and you start over. It is almost having to create a new character because she doesn’t remember who she was. She doesn’t remember anything. It will come back slowly.

This does sound like an interesting opportunity for the actress to reinvent her character. We saw glimpses of her good side throughout Daredevil‘s second season, but she was an assassin through and through. Taking away her more sentimental side will make her quite the formidable foe for our heroes to face. Moreover, it will also force Matt to decide between his love for Elektra or saving New York City from the Hand. We could potentially see him try to bring her back in the middle of a fight. Poor Matt might have to try and keep her from attacking his new friends and vice versa.

How long do you think it will take until Elektra’s memories return? What do you think will happen between her and Matt?

Source:  BUILD

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