Through two Phases of the MCU, we have yet to see a female led film. The closest Marvel has come is making Black Widow co-lead in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but that looks to be changing in the near future. Captain Marvel is leading that change with Brie Larson set to play the lead, but Evangeline Lilly should get part of that title as first lead female character, with Wasp looking to have a big role in Ant-Man and the Wasp. One female led film and another with a female character in the title is not enough though, and hopefully only the beginning.

There has been a lot of talk recently about Black Widow getting her own film, with Kevin Feige stating Marvel is “committed” to the character and the likes of the Russo brothers and Markus and McFeely expressing how great that would be. A Black Widow movie makes a lot of sense on many levels, but it seems like everyone is forgetting about one of the newest female characters and one of the most powerful characters overall.

It has only been a little over a year since we got a proper introduction to Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron and she played a pivotal role throughout Captain America: Civil War. Olsen is already confirmed for Avengers: Infinity War but she should be around for longer than that. When Phase 4 starts to get announced, a Scarlet Witch film – whether solo or teamed up with Vision – remains an option. While speaking to Huffington Post, Olsen says it is something she would be willing to do as long as it makes sense for the character and the larger universe.

It’s not something I’m opposed to, but it’s also something that has to make a lot of sense. I wouldn’t just do it just to do it. It’d have to make sense for how it advances in the world. But I’d be open to talking about it. I’d never say no to just an idea.

With her incredible power comes a struggle in finding the balance and learning to control her emotions that could make for a very compelling film. Even with her previously expressing hope of seeing a version of House of M making its way to the big screen, there are plenty of other possibilities that Marvel could play with. Olsen knows that too and is looking forward to seeing the unknown future play out.

The options for Wanda afterward are pretty limitless.

At this point it would be a tad surprising for Marvel to announce a Scarlet Witch movie, by the time Infinity War ends Olsen could be a household name that gives them more confidence in that property. Regardless, Marvel’s track record speaks for itself and I would have the utmost faith in them if that announcement was made today, tomorrow, or next year. Let us know if you are interested in seeing a Scarlet Witch led film in the comments below!

Source: Huffington Post.