Daredevil is all the rage right now. We finally got our confirmation that Bullseye will make his MCU debut in the upcoming third season. The season takes a lot of inspirations from the comics, most notably Daredevil’s Born Again run. Now that Bullseye is finally confirmed we are still missing any news on one key player, Elektra. The third season seems to have a stronger focus on Karen but we still do not know if Elektra survived alongside Murdock. They both were buried alive at the end of The Defenders. It seems that Elodie Yung is having some fun teasing her potential return to the franchise on Twitter.

This naturally does not confirm anything. Just recently even Vincent D’Onofrio was having fun teasing if the kingpin will survive this season even though the trailers are giving off a feeling of finality to their confrontation. It will be interesting to see if she makes an appearance. We already got the famous Elektra death scene in the second season but this time she won’t be able to come back from the dead. She could also have been rescued by remaining Hand members that are regrouping in the shadows. Personally, I think she should be saved for an additional season to not take away from the show’s new baddy. She is a great enemy and love interest but she got her time to shine in The Defenders. Maybe she only has a small cameo in Daredevil‘s latest season to help explain how Matt survived.

Do you want to see Elektra return? Any other characters from past seasons you hope to see make a comeback?

Source: Twitter

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