While Marvel and Netflix have primarily been touting the addition of fan-favorite character the Punisher (Jon Bernthal) as part of Daredevil season two, he isn’t the only character joining the series when it returns in March. Elodie Yung will make her debut as Elektra in the second season of Daredevil, a character that fans have been eager to see join the series. Just this morning, Netflix released a brand new trailer that gave us plenty of Elektra footage.

Prior to the trailer dropping, Marvel interviewed their newest assassin. One of the questions she was asked was what kind of research she conducted after landing the role. According to Yung, the first thing she did was dive into the comics, including the highly acclaimed Elektra: Assassin.

At some point I needed to do some homework. And I didn’t know her before, I wasn’t familiar with Daredevil, although I was watching the show long before I auditioned, so that was really the only thing I knew about this world. I found ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN and bought that and it was very inspiring, I thought, for this character. I was like, ‘Whoa, what am I stepping into?’ It’s insane.

After I read the first volume of ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN, I was like, ‘What is it about, really?’ I read the rest and then I had an idea of the essence of the character. Then I looked at DAREDEVIL #168, where [Elektra and Daredevil] meet. I started there in the books, in the comics.

So far Daredevil has done a great job making both the heroes and the villains relatable at different points in the story. They look to be doing the same thing Punisher, and according to Yung, we have to empathize with her character.

You can’t identify 100% with your character. Obviously, I’m not a sociopath. Or I hope I’m not! I hope for you that I’m not. You have to empathize with her and not judge your character, not think she’s a bad girl or she’s a good character.

This is the way I did it. I had to look into what is a sociopath and it’s someone who basically can’t have any emotional bond with anyone and everything is like a chess game. I couldn’t really relate to this, and then I tried to empathize with her and the decisions she makes…I would forgive her. It’s difficult for me to explain, but I think Elektra is searching for who she is. And in this search for herself, I could relate and empathize. She tries to get the good out of what she does and sometimes [it’s] in a weird, violent way.”

During the first season of Daredevil, they had a quick name drop when Foggy asked Matt about the Greek girl that he used to have a relationship with. When Elektra appears on screen in Season 2, she reunites with Matt Murdock as something of a lost soul, asking for help as someone who feels alone in the world.

When she says that. I think she’s being honest. She left him when they were younger and then ten years later she comes back into his life because she’s missing something, because she’s alone. The whole arc this season for Elektra is finding the good in herself. Trying to understand who she is really and maybe she’s not [just] this cold person, this cold killer. She’s been raised and she grew up like this and she’s been trained [for it]. There’s some element of sociopathy in her, but I think it’s just the way that she was born as well.

Elektra met Matt and she fell in love with him. And I think he brought some good out of her at some point in her life, and maybe she wants to figure out, by coming back to him, who she really is. She comes back because she misses him and she’s alone and the only person she’s ever loved is Matt. And she also needs his help. He has good skills and she also needs his skills to help her in her mission. I think that is the sociopath in her: ‘I will need you for something, so I’m going to use you.’

Elektra will make her MCU debut when season 2 of Daredevil debuts exclusively on Netflix at 12:01 PST on March 18th.

Source: Marvel.