Warning: This post contains slight spoilers for Captain America: Civil War. If you have not yet seen the film and want to know as little as possible about the plot, I would advise you to stop reading this post.

Back in 2014 when Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released, we got our first introduction to Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp). She had a minor role in terms of screen time but had a few important scenes helping and sticking with Captain America. The former neighbors had a hint of interest in each other but Agent 13, also known as Sharon Carter, was on assignment, and Rogers was still weary about getting too close to another person.

When Captain America: Civil War is released next week, Sharon once again has a smaller role but still has her time to shine. One of the new aspects that she undergoes is a further exploration of the romance that is between her and Rogers. VanCamp was excited to see how their relationship develops as she is a fan of the connection they have.

I was because that’s a relationship in the universe that I really like. I think everyone was ready to see him intimate with whoever – just somebody, you know?

But he was, in a funny way, sort of lacking in game. It had been a long time, but he finds his stride a little bit. And I think he’s really grateful that she’s put herself on the line like this for him. It will be interesting if that does continue to see how they develop it further because it was a really nice but complicated love story within the comic books that I think would be fun to explore.

As they are get reconnected, we learn that Steve never did figure out that Sharon was the niece of his former love, Peggy Carter. This information comes to light and even though it could have been weird that Cap has interest in a girl years after kissing her grandmother, the respect they both share for Peggy actually brings the characters closer together.

I think it deepens it, for sure, because of their mutual connection to Peggy. I think just the fact that she’s blood related to Peggy, there’s this inevitable trust that develops between them. Now that he knows who she is, you can play those moments and develop those things that connect them throughout the story, so it was really fun to do that.

This new development in their relationship makes Sharon’s choice to choose sides that much more difficult. Her personal and work life are now colliding and it will test whether she is #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan.

Yeah, it’s a struggle because she has a job, and she’s very committed to it and has worked hard to get there. Now that Steve is rebelling against these accords, it puts her in a very sticky situation, but you do ultimately see where her loyalties lie.

Sharon is very complex character, which is what drew VanCamp to the role initially and what she likes most about playing the character. She is constantly being challenged to pick a side and she eventually does in a way that could have big repercussions on her future.

In any of these parts that I play, I like to explore the different sides because we all have those sides. I do think there’s something very feminine about her, but I also think she’s fearless, and I love that about her. We saw it in “Winter Soldier,” when she finally makes the commitment to stick with Cap. You see it in this film when she’s jeopardizing her career, and when she fearlessly runs at Bucky (Sebastien Stan).

Speaking of her future, VanCamp is uncertain when she will reprise the role again. However, if Marvel comes calling for her to appear in another film, she is more than willing to answer the call and play Sharon Carter again.

I don’t. I hope we see her in something, but we’ll see. It really depends on where they want to go. Things are constantly changing and evolving and there’s so many of us, so we’ll see. Like I said, I’d love to explore more.

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Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

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