Pre-production for Natasha Romanoff’s long-deserved solo outing Black Widow has been underway for a while now with casting currently ongoing and our friends at That Hashtag Show have gotten the first word. According to them, the studio has met with several actors, namely, Florence Pugh who was recently in Netflix’s epic Outlaw King, Israeli star Dar Zuzovsky, Beautiful CreaturesAlice Englert, and Harry Potter megastar Emma Watson to play the female lead alongside Scarlett Johansson. They also reckon the role the actors are up for a part they revealed in one of their casting breakdowns from last year described as a “kickass female Bond”.

It was recently revealed that the film would be undergoing a major script rewrite at the hands of Ned Benson so this “kickass Bond” role could have drastically been altered or even removed at this point in the production. Nevertheless, these are names currently attached for the film and they’re all interesting picks. Just on the basis of the MCU’s knack in catapulting smaller name talent into worldwide superstardom, I feel like the other names make better fits than Emma Watson. I wouldn’t hate it if she was cast though.

Source: That Hashtag Show