Production for the Loki Disney+ series is still in the early stages. We’ve had a brief glimpse of the show during the Superbowl weekend which shows Loki captured and sporting a Time Variance Authority (TVA) garb. Just last week, we’ve learned several character descriptions from the show which gives us a hint that there will be more TVA agents that will join the fray. This is on top of the news that Owen Wilson will be joining the show in an unnamed major role alongside other confirmed cast members Sophie Di Martino and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. While we still don’t know which characters they will be playing, it seems that another major Marvel villain from the Thor franchise is rumored to make her debut to the MCU in the form of Enchantress.

Based on a recent addition to IMDB Pro and a tweet posted by Jacob Fisher from Discussing Film, it shows that a young Sylvie Luston will be joining the Disney+ show. You can see the tweet below.

For those who don’t know, Sylvie Luston is known in the comics as the second Enchantress. But unlike Amora, the original Enchantress, Sylvie isn’t an Asgardian with naturally gifted abilities. Instead, the character was given magic abilities by the God of Mischief himself.

Even though IMDBPro can only be modified by verified people, it’s best if we take this as a grain of salt for now. It has been confirmed that Loki will be on the run in this show and it appears that it will not just be from the TVA agents. The main adversary could very well be Enchantress herself that would force Loki to work together with the TVA. One thing to note as well that it has been earlier rumored that a young version of the God of Mischief will come into play in the series and the possibility of a young version of Enchantress appearing could explore the history between the two characters. It is also worth noting that a young version of the villain is the one confirmed to join the cast and this could only serve as an introduction for the older version to appear as a major threat if plans for the second season of the show will be pursued.

Whatever the case may be, the mysterious narrative of Loki brings upon numerous speculations and we can all find out if all of it is true when it premieres in 2021.

Source: Twitter