Last fall Joe and Anthony Russo were scouting locations in the UK for Avengers: Infinity War. A social media post by them (and its subsequent disappearance) made waves as many fans theorized that the location would make for great interior shots of Castle Doom.


Given the large numbers of castles, cathedrals and other very old and very large buildings, it seemed that this location was going to remain a mystery once the Russos removed the post. Today, thanks to Reddit user /u/briangrodzki, we know that the shot was taken at Durham Cathedral in Durham, England. The photo, which seems to have come from the upper level, or triforium, of the cathedral, shows off one of the many unique features of the nearly 1,000-year-old building.

While fans wanted it to be the place we finally meet a proper Doctor Doom, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see that happen in Avengers: Infinity War. We do believe they shot at a similarly old and beautiful location last week (including potential exteriors of Inverness Castle), though information on the film has been so hard to come by we really can only guess at what they might be doing.

While production continues on Avengers: Infinity War, we continue to wait for Marvel Studios to throw us a bone, but with the movie 14 months away, it’s likely we’ll be waiting at least a little while longer.

SOURCE: Reddit