In five weeks, the Netflix side of the MCU will expand as Jessica Jones will be released worldwide. As the release date nears, and we eagerly await a full trailer, the cast was present last weekend at NYCC and talked a bit about the show. We recapped what was said here, but now even more of the cast is talking.

Actress Erin Moriarty will be one of the supporting characters in Jessica Jones, but little was actually known about her character before now. Thanks to an interview with IGN, she told us some of her backstory, her character’s full name (Hope Slottman, not sure on the spelling however), and how she will connect with Jessica Jones and the Purple Man.

Hope is an all-American girl, really earnest. She’s a student when we first meet her. She comes from the Midwest, so she’s very innocent and I love that about her. It was almost touching because of her age, she’s innocent to a degree that a lot of other girls aren’t.

It also seems much like how Deborah Ann Woll‘s Karen Page played a prominent role in the first episode of Daredevil, we should get to see plenty of Hope early on in Jessica Jones.

She’s the center of Jessica’s first major P.I. case and that P.I. case kind of catalyzes the rest of the season. It kicks it off in to a dramatic story line.

Right from the get go, [it] forces a pretty strong dynamic between my character and Jessica and that was really fun because I got to work with Krysten [Ritter]. She was one of the two actors I worked with most of the time.

The other actor she spent a lot of time with looks to be David Tennant which would make sense if he is involved with the P.I. case. This will likely make the case even more personal for Jessica and probably is what will reconnect her to him.

They both go through a shared experience with this character, Killgrave, that is actually interesting because they’re so different. Jessica Jones and Hope Slottman are kind of polar opposites, but having this one major shared experience, no matter how different they are, naturally brings them together and bonds them in a really deep way. It creates a sister dynamic and you find that over the course of this season, Jessica becomes somewhat protective over Hope, which is not a sensation that is innate to her. She’s not the type of person. Jessica’s a very isolating person, so it’s interesting to see her form this bond with this young girl.

Moriarty went on to praise Tennant’s performance, which hopefully can compete with what Vincent D’onofrio did as Wilson Fisk.

What I loved about the way David Tennant played it is that, I feel like the best villains are the ones that have a little bit of charm to them and that’s how he played it. He’s very scary in it but also very charming and he’s a very manipulative character, so that charm factor’s really important. You can see how you’d be drawn in to him but it adds to that creepy factor. You get seduced by him, and he’s charming, and he’s got an edge to him that’s actually kind of sweet and you think he’s a good guy and then all of a sudden you see how evil it is and it tricks you.

We are sure to here more about the cast and plot of the show, so be sure to keep on checking back here.

Jessica Jones will debut exclusively on Netflix on November 20th at 12:01 PST.

Source: IGN