Learning that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios were putting an Eternals movie in production was a welcome surprise for fans. And following the film’s confirmation came the reveal of a director, Chloe Zhao. Now, our friends at That Hashtag Show are reporting that the Eternals is being eyed for a 2020 release.

The studio has a script that they like and when they moved on Zhao, they had hoped things would come together quickly enough to begin production Q4 of next year, which we are told is tentatively planned to take place primarily in the UK, though that’s certainly not been cemented at this point.

THS also mentioned in their report that Black Widow was another film targeted for the same year, something we’ve been hearing about all year. This exciting bit of news comes after the announcement that Disney was pulling one of the three Marvel 2020 films off the slate, a film presumed to be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 which was put on indefinite hold, leaving two left for 2020. If Black Widow and Eternals do end up in that year, it’ll be the first MCU year in a long while to premiere two new franchise films.

Source: That Hashtag Show