It’s rumors galore for The Eternals, the comic property purported to be the next big thing in Kevin Feige‘s and James Gunn‘s cosmic corner of the MCU. This new report from Bleeding Cool is corroborating the first rumor, saying that Marvel is already in talks with several writers and that an announcement should be made real soon.

Bleeding Cool has been informed by a very reliable source that we are to expect an announcement imminently. Marvel Studios has been meeting with writers about the property — and you know what writers are like about this sort of thing. And so does Marvel.

As with any rumor, it’s best to take it when a grain of salt. But as the saying goes, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” I personally think there is credence to both rumors about The Eternals. They seem like an obvious choice in the plan to deepen the cosmic cover of the MCU given how the elements like Thanos and the Celestials connecting to their origins have been established already in the MCU. If I had to make a guess about the announcement, SDCC 2018 is your best bet. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lumped The Eternals announcement alongside the Avengers 4 title reveal.

Source: Bleeding Cool