While there is still some time until the release of Eternals, set photos are offering some insight into what we can expect from Marvel Studios upcoming film. The story focuses on the titular group of the Eternals. They are a race of humanoids that were created by the Celestials in their usual meddling throughout the universe, who faced the Deviants throughout their history. It was teased that the upcoming film will also act as a history lesson of the MCU that may offer our deepest look into events we have yet to witness.

At D23, it was revealed that Captain Marvel‘s Gemma Chan will play the Eternal Sersi. She may act as a surrogate character into the world of the Eternals that links them to earth. Sersi is very fond of humans and tends to live among them. She even became an Avenger in the comics at one point. Looks like Chan‘s incarnation will be quite close to her comic counterpart, as set photos reveal her spending time on Earth.

There is quite a lot to unpack here. There is a great detail in her sweater. The green design seems heavily inspired by her comic book costume and they generally seem to be sticking to her usual green clothing theme. What truly sticks out is that this does seem like it takes place in the modern-day. This may confirm that we will potentially see how the Lofty Property Management of San Diego Eternals reacted towards events throughout the MCU’s heroic era. We may see them witness the rise of heroes that would face Thanos, an Eternal with the Deviant gene. This new franchise may give us our deepest look into the MCU’s general mythology and it will be exciting to see what will be revealed once the film ends.

What do you think of our first look at Gemma Chan as Sersi? Are you excited for Eternals?

Source: Twitter