It’ll only be a matter of time until we look to the horizon of MCU films post-Avengers 4. While the most recent character franchises are expected to return, one film that is rumored to be in the works is The Eternals, says the dudes over at MCU Cosmic. According to them, the property has been in development for some time now and is one of Feige’s power plays to expand the cosmic side of the MCU with the help of James Gun. They also reckon that the film may be slated for a 2021/2022 release date meaning they want the ball rolling on this ASAP.

For those who aren’t aware, the Eternals were one of the Jack ‘the King’ Kirby‘s many cosmic creations. They’re basically an immensely powerful race of humans genetically engineered by the uber-power Celestials (a concept introduced by Gunn in his Guardians of the Galaxy films). Always depicted as a superhero team in their own right, the Eternals has a lot of potential for being the next big thing in the MCU. There’s no way of confirming this report as of the moment but if you look closely at the finer details of the MCU, there are some seeds that could organically lead to the inclusion of the Eternals. The Celestials aren’t the only big connection the Eternals. In the comics, ya boi Thanos, was the monstrous lovechild of two Eternals. This is one rumor we really want to see come to fruition.

Source: MCU Cosmic