Marvel Studios was forced to put one of their largest galactic franchises on hold, as we are still waiting for an update to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Still, it seems like the studio is already setting their sight on the next big franchise, as they are preparing the upcoming release of The Eternals. It will tell a story millions of years ago before the MCU became what we know today. According to our friends over at That Hashtag Show, the film will start production in September 2019. As such, the film will enter pre-production soon and they will start casting the main characters around the summer. Chloe Zhao is set to direct the film and reportedly impressed Marvel Studios quite a bit after meeting with them.

This fits in line with the news that it would see a release in 2020 and the rumours that they are eyeing to start production in 2019’s Q4. There is a chance that the news will officially be released once Avengers 4 has aired, as we still know very little about what Marvel Studios is planning beyond their tentpole film. The Eternals have an interesting history in the comics that may help explore some aspects about the MCU that we never got a deeper look at. They were genetically experimented on by the Celestials, so we may see a return of Peter Quill’s father Ego and a revelation on whose head was turned into Knowhere. Maybe they will explore the ties between Asgardians and the Eternals to give more backstory to the Nine Realms and Odin. There is a lot of potentials to explore here, especially with everything that has already been built up over the last ten years.

Are you excited for The Eternals? What are your hopes for the film?

Source: That Hashtag Show