Pre-production for the highly-anticipated The Eternals seems to be underway, with our friends at That Hashtag Show revealing some casting breakdowns for the film. According to them, actors of all ages and ethnicities are being cast for Eternals like Eros, Elysisus, Druig, Zuras, Makkari, Piper, and Thena in addition to two of the purported leads in the film, Sersei and Ikaris. However, That Hashtag Show is also reporting that the production may be casting two additional leads; a female lead in her 30s under the name of “Karen” and a male lead described as a Greek god.

All in all, this is a pretty standard roster of characters for a story featuring Jack Kirby‘s Eternals. With the involvement of characters like Eros and Zuras, direct blood relatives of Thanos, I do wonder if the film will include an appearance from the Mad Titan himself. The two additional unspecified lead roles certainly raises a few eyebrows but given how far we are from the rumored September 2019 production start, it’s possible that Karen and the “Greek god” in actuality ARE Sersei and Ikaris.

Source: That Hashtag Show