Moon Knight just scored a huge actor to antagonize Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector. Award-winnning actor Ethan Hawke has been cast in Marvel’s upcoming series as the main big bad of the show, according to THR. No other details were shared other than the film was set to begin film this March in Budapest.

It’s anyone’s guess on who exactly Hawke is playing with his stature. The most obvious candidate is Spector’s nemesis Bushman, who’s a deranged mercenary with no powers. I’ve seen some people bring up the possibility of Dracula, given that fellow street-level hero Blade is set to have his own show. It’d make sense to have some crossover between Spector and Blade. Count Nefaria crossed paths with Marc Spector at some point and Hawke seems like he would make a good fit for that as well. All in all, this is great casting and surprisingly A-list. Hawke might be the most famous villain Marvel Studios has cast in years.

Source: THR