It’s been over a year since the huge crossover of the four main Marvel shows produced by Netflix happened, and we still haven’t had a confirmation for a second season of The Defenders. Given the mixed reviews and the low appeal it ended up having with fans overall, many speculated about the future of the ensemble series.

Yesterday, Netflix changed the name of its official Facebook page for The Defenders to NX, a new page dedicated to the geekier properties owned by the company. This indicates that Netflix no longer needs an exclusive Defenders’ page, which wouldn’t make sense if they were planning a new season.

Considering every other Marvel property on the streaming giant has gotten an order for the next season (The Punisher season 2 is filming, Daredevil  and Jessica Jones season three are coming, and both Luke Cage and Iron Fist have recently premiered their second seasons.), many fans had already considered the show to have been canceled, and this new piece of evidence suggests this might actually be the case.

With or without a new season of the street-level New York team-up, the solo shows are still going strong, and Daredevil season three is expected to be available later this year.

Source: Marvel Studios News