The Doctor is most definitely in.

During a Dr. Who “reunion” panel Thursday at the New York Comic-Con, Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, took a series of questions relating to any future projects he may be working on or would like to work on.

Given that a couple of former Whovian cast members have moved to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the questions naturally gravitated in that direction eventually. When asked if he would like to hop into a MCU franchise film, his answer was quick and decisive,

My answer is… when will they ask me?

If they do call and ask…and if he does take them up on any offer…he would be joining his immediate Dr. Who predecessor, David Tennant, who unnervingly inhabited the role of Kilgrave on the Marvel Netflix series Jessica Jones; and Karen Gillan, who was the Eleventh Doctor’s companion and now is the decidedly deadly Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The move seems like a natural one and would continue Marvel Studios’ inclination towards casting qualified talent with a fan base already built in, the most recent example of that being Benedict Cumberbatch. That he seems open to the idea would seem to be a signal for the studio to find a property for him!

What branch of the MCU could you see him playing in? Gritty, street-level Netflix? Or a more brightly lit ABC Network vehicle? OR, something on the big screen? Sound off below on where he might best fit.

Source: Bustle