Marvel is getting ready for Ant-Man to hit theaters soon and to get you all ready for it, we are bringing you an exclusive interview with David Dastmalchian. He will be playing Kurt, but details around his character have been sparse until now.

He made his big break in another comic book film, The Dark Knight, and has since appeared in Prisoners and most recently Animals, which he both starred in and wrote.

I had the chance to exchange emails with him recently and he was kind enough to talk about the film, his role, the experience with Marvel, and much more. Check out the exclusive interview below!

So to start off, could you tell me a bit about your character Kurt?

Here’s what I can say at the moment about Kurt: He is part of a crew that includes Luis (Michael Peña) and Dave (T.I.) – they are colleagues with very special skills. These skills could be utilized for evil… or good.

Sounds great! Not sure if you can answer this but based off footage and pictures, I get the sense that those “special skills” you have may be computer related. Is that on the right track?

You are on the right track. What I really like about Kurt is that his skills are technical – and in the wrong hands, those technical skills could really do some damage. It was cool for me because my interaction with the other characters really pushes me in a certain direction. Again – which way that will be…. you will have to see!

Very interesting! Who did you film the most with and did you have anyone you really enjoyed getting to work with?

I filmed most with Paul [Rudd], TI and Michael Pena. They were ALL very fun to work with. Paul is a master of improv and his character is really complex – there are some very funny moments with Scott Lang but he’s also going through a lot of pain. We had a lot of fun on set. Peyton is AMAZING – and he’s as big of a comic and film nut as I am so it was very cool to talk about all of our similar likes, etc.

Sounds like the set was a lot of fun! Did Peyton Reed have you read any Ant-Man comics to get familiar with the story or is that something you did on your own or not at all?

We talked a lot about them but my main familiarity with the character was through Hank Pym and the many years I’d spent reading his storylines in and out of Avengers, Wackos, etc. – though I hadn’t done a ton of Scott Lang arc reading in the past. Paul R also brought some pretty awesome old AM comics to work. Everyone (Peyton, producers, Marvel folks etc) were really excited because Ant-Man is one of those characters that’s tricky to follow in the comics because you have to keep drawing in frames of his POV and then the rest of the world (or team’s) POV – but with the movie format you can just easily go back and forth. Pretty awesome!

Yeah I’m very interested to see things from his perspective. Now correct me if I’m wrong but you joined the film after they made the switch to Peyton Reed as a director right?

No. I was cast by Edgar in March of last year, then I was put into kind of a holding pattern after he left. I just had to wait and see if I was still part of the equation, luckily, I was!

Good to know, now this isn’t your first role in a superhero film. Could you compare your experience with The Dark Knight and more recently with Marvel and Ant-Man?

Very hard to compare the two, such vastly different experiences. The differences, I’d say, would be that TDK (The Dark Knight) was my first time on a film set and I was so nervous that I don’t remember much! There was some very intense scene work but everyone was VERY fun. It was a genuinely fun experience. Ant-Man was an amazing amount of fun, also I wasn’t AS nervous as before.

The similarities, well, it’s just a DREAM for someone like me who has spent his life obsessing over comic and film to be able to step foot on these sets, let alone to be a part of performing roles in them. In neither film did my character come from the comic book source material, but I think that my familiarity with the comics and the worlds of both the DC and Marvel universes helped me shape the characters I was portraying to suit the world they were living in.

Speaking of your familiarity with comics, if you could be any superhero in real life who would it be? Also, if Kurt got powers what would you want them to be?

I would LOVE to be Moon Knight. He was always my favorite. And Morbius, another favorite. Kurt’s special power is…. his hair! (aside from the tech and computer wizardry, of course) But the hair can bust through walls, cushion falls from rooftops and, you know, get the ladies.

The first screenings for Ant-Man have happened and the reaction has been very positive. Are you signed on to appear in Ant-Man 2 if that happens or perhaps another franchise?

That is an answer that only a crystal ball could know… But I will say that I sure hope so! I had so much fun working with these guys and would LOVE to do it all again!

Fair enough. Now without spoiling any potential cameos in the film, are there any current characters, whether they are good or bad, in the MCU that you would like to work with?

I would LOVE to work with Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and I think that our little crew, the “Wombats” as described by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and the “Antourage” as we’re calling ourselves, would fit in very well with the GOTG crew, as well. I think we may just be crazy enough to snag those Infinity Stones and no one would see us coming!

Personally – I would love to some day be involved with bringing either Moon Knight or Morbius to the screen. I would love a chance to write or act in any capacity.

Be sure to check out Dastmalchian’s latest film, Animals, which is currently on video demand. You can buy/watch the movie on, plus more.

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Ant-Man will close out Phase 2 when it hits theaters July 17, 2015.