Marvel Television is about to ascend to new heights when it comes to the number of projects. While it’s been ABC and Netflix for a while, Marvel is about to spread its properties over a couple more platforms beginning next month when Runaways begins streaming on Hulu and in the winter when Cloak and Dagger debuts on Freeform. With NYCC starting this week, the studio has released several exclusive posters which will be available at the con including one for each of the two teen-based shows.

The stylized posters are a fantastic mix of the casts of the shows with comic book art reminiscent of the books. The poster for Cloak and Dagger nicely puts the duo front and center while symbolically placing Roxxon, the company likely responsible for their powers, in the background while the Runaways poster focuses on the group’s discovery of their parents’ secret agenda. These two shows give Marvel a chance to break into the teen television audience and could begin to establish a new demographic for the studio. Runaways has already benefited from good word of mouth, giving Marvel’s relationship with Hulu a sturdy foundation. We expect to get some trailers and first looks from NYCC this weekend, so stay tuned for more!