After a tumultuous response to the casting of Finn Jones as Danny Rand in the upcoming Iron Fist series, Marvel could really use a new notch in their diversity belt. Luckily, MCUExchange and That Hashtag Show can independently confirm that Marvel and Netflix are in the midst of casting Shang-Chi for Iron Fist – which we’re told is set to begin production in April.

Additionally, in case anyone had concerns, they are exclusively auditioning males of Asian descent. You can watch That Hashtag Show’s Report below.

So, just who is Shang-Chi? Our own Jeremiah Peace summed him up pretty well in his own One-Shot last week(which also included some cool fan casting ideas):

The son of 70’s pulp Kung Fu villain Fu Manchu, a character to whom Marvel acquired the rights, Shang-Chi has worked with British Intelligence as an agent of MI-6 and alongside Luke Cage and Danny Rand as a hero for hire. More recently he has been an Avenger and, interestingly enough, a significant part of the Shadowland arc that many people are anticipating will be adapted to the Netflix series.

Additionally, That Hashtag Show is told that if the reception is positive, there is a possibility that he could be getting his own Netflix series.

What are your thoughts on his inclusion in the show? Who would you like to see play the role? Sound off in the comments below. And as always, for all things Iron Fist be sure to follow along here.