During a Q&A panel at the Produced By Conference, held by the Producers Guild of America, Kevin Feige was asked by a member of the audience about the gender imbalance of the past 20 movies when it came to directors and asked if the next 20 could be directed by women to balance it out. While Feige couldn’t promise the next 20 movie would be directed by women, he assured the audience member that “a lot of them will”.

With Captain Marvel in the final weeks of production and Marvel Studios looking exclusively for female directors for the stand-alone Black Widow movie, it seems like Feige isn’t just blowing hot air, but hopefully more women are brought on board to direct character that also don’t happen to be women. Although, it isn’t like Marvel Studios hasn’t tired in the past, as they made an offer to Ava DuVernay to direct Black Panther who turned them down. Check this site
Source: Digital LA