Marvel Studios is expanding into a whole new world. Disney+ will release soon and while they won’t have anything for the official release, their first mini-series has entered production officially. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan have taken over the Instagram account for Disney+ to officially announce the production start for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This was followed by a Twitter post by Mackie to commemorate the production start.

This is Marvel Studios’ first project into long-term storytelling. It will follow-up directly after Avengers: Endgame as Sam Wilson start to accept his new role as Captain America. Together with Bucky, they may have to face a viral threat, which was the original plan for Captain America: Civil War if Robert Downey Jr. didn’t sign on for the film. It is unsure if it will be the Madbomb or a different threat. U.S. Agent was also confirmed to appear in the series with him potentially being a government-sanctioned successor to Steve Rogers.

The Disney+ series is slowly coming together with others already in pre-production. Ms. Marvel looking to cast its villain and Kamala Khan’s family. Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be the first series to start this new era in the fourth phase of the MCU. These storylines will also influence the films so we will see if this viral threat might also find its way into another storyline like Spider-Man 3.

Source: Twitter