Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the first offering of Marvel Studios in the Disney+ platform, has already started filming. Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes a.k.a The Winter Soldier, shared exciting details that will be revealed throughout the Disney+ series in terms of his character. The staple of the Stan’s character is his iconic vibranium arm and we saw it replaced and upgraded by Shuri during Avengers Infinity War after the fight with Iron Man during Captain America Civil War. During an appearance at the Fandemic Tour in Houston, Stan was asked about which vibranium arm he prefers and he teased that his new arm has features that we have yet to see.

The one from Wakanda has a couple more features that we haven’t explored yet. So I think I like that one, but I miss the old star. I do. There was something about that. I don’t know, maybe I’ll have to get it back.

It will be exciting to see the unseen features and upgrades added by Shuri to Bucky’s Wakandan arm. Given that it wasn’t thoroughly explored during the past two Avengers movies, it doesn’t say if Bucky knows all of the new features or if he will discover it on his own during the course of the series. Nanotechnology could be one key feature that can be utilized since Black Panther and Iron Man have already shown how useful the technology is. Nevertheless, any new feature can certainly help fight the new threats that the duo will face.

Source: Comicbook.com