There’s been no shortage of interesting stuff from the set of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and today is no exception courtesy of my good friend Charles Murphy dropped some info from the set on our podcast Murphy’s Law. Thanks to a private set photo sent to him by a fan from Atlanta, Charles deduced that the show is set to introduce an ally for John Walker aka U.S. Agent, in particular, a version of Bucky that goes by name of Battlestar.

Meet Lemar Hoskins, an Army buddy of Walker from the comics who gains superhuman strength from the Power Broker and forms a team called the Bold Urban Commandos (or BUCkys) with fellow war veterans to aid Walker’s superheroics as Super-Patriot. When Walker is called on by the government to become U.S. Agent, Hoskins decides to officially don the Bucky mantle. Charles gets in-depth with what he learned in our podcast but in one of the photos he received, Wyatt Russell was spotted entering a flower shop with the name Hoskins on it.

This is pretty interesting news. The logical choice in creating a new Captain America would be to create another Bucky as well. It makes the dynamic of the conflict more exciting. Sam won’t the only one wrestling with the existence of another Cap but Bucky as well.

Source: Murphy’s Law Podcast and Murphy’s Multiverse