Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently deep in production for a while now. Having finished shooting scenes in Atlanta recently, the cast and crew flew to Prague to shoot several big action sequences that were expected to be finished within a week. However, it seems that the tail-end of production for the Disney+ show will take a while to finish due to the Coronavirus outbreak that has affected everyone in the world.

Deadline reported that Disney has stopped the production of Falcon and the Winter Soldier in Prague after the country’s government ordered the closing of schools and placing events and travel restrictions due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Moreover, the studio has ordered the cast and crew to get back to Atlanta and it remains to be seen if production will continue for the show or even return to Prague to finish off the scenes that were intended there.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the Coronavirus has affected the Disney+ series. It was earlier rumored that the show may undergo rewrites due to the plot closely resembling the current Coronavirus outbreak. On top of that, this is also not the first time that the show’s production has experienced a setback due to unforeseen real-life events. Back in January, the show’s plan to shoot scenes in Puerto Rico has been derailed due to a 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

It is unclear if the scenes that were originally intended to be shot at Prague would delay the target premiere date of the show which is in August later this year. There is a possibility that the studio will create contingency plans to finish off the scenes that were already shot or they plan to shoot new scenes entirely and make it seem that they are still in Prague. Production for the show has been a roller coaster ride and fans of the show can only hope that this series of production setbacks won’t delay the original intended release date.

Source: Deadline