Today was the annual investors meeting for Disney so former CEO Bob Iger and a bunch of suits took the stage to present to the investors what was happening for the company in the coming months. One of the things presented was an early look at Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Here’s a description of what was shown.

The footage shown felt like an extended trailer, starting with Bucky paying a visit to Baron Zemo in a state of the art prison, who tried to unsuccessfully activate his Winter Soldier programming. Bucky told him that someone has recreated the Super Soldier Serum.

Another clip showed some kind of a rally where cheerleaders and a stage were decorated with red, white, and blue Captain America insignia. The announcer introduced the new Captain America and then the camera cut to someone backstage in silhouette with the shield. It was unclear if it was actually Falcon in the suit.

A montage of action sequences included Zemo fighting in his iconic mask from the comics. It wasn’t clear from the short clip if he was fighting with Falcon and the Winter Soldier or against them.

Lastly, we saw Bucky approach Sam Wilson and discussed that they’re not really friends. More like two guys who had a mutual friend who now need each other.

So there’s a lot to take in. That Zemo and Bucky scene sounds like a Hannibal Lecter-type situation where the heroes will be forced ask help from the bad guy to stop a more immediate threat. We know from some set photos that they actually fight side by side. However, I’m more curious to see if Bucky and Sam will be the ones responsible for Zemo’s inevitable escape. The last part of the footage description also makes me super excited for the dynamic they’ll have with one another now that the only person they had in common with is gone. Footage from this show can’t come soon enough.

Source: Laughing Place