It looks like one of the threats that will be faced by The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in the upcoming Disney+ series will be viral in nature, thanks to an exclusive by HN Entertaintment.

Whether this is Virus X or the Madbomb or something else remains to be seen, but something is going to put the population in peril and spread like a virus.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a virus being used as a plot point in Cap’s franchise. One of the contingency plans for Captain America: Civil War, if they couldn’t get Robert Downey Jr. to co-star, was to use the mad-bomb as a McGuffin.

As you may recall in that film, Crossbones was attempting to steal some sort of dangerous chemical weapon in Nigeria before he was stopped by Cap and Friends. A connection to this loose end may be made to tie it all together. The comic storyline Avengers: Red Zone that also featured a prominent biological attack may also serve as inspiration for this bit of news.

Source: HN Entertainment