That upcoming streaming service from Disney is going to be huge. Several weeks ago, it was reported that Disney was looking to hire their in-house geniuses Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios to dip their toes into serialized television; create several miniseries for major film characters who otherwise wouldn’t films of their own with Loki and Scarlet Witch being the first two recipients. Now, Variety is reporting that a Falcon-Winter Soldier team-up show is being developed for the streaming service with a writer already attached: Malcolm Spellman, writer and executive producer of the hit show Empire.

This is an absolute no-brainer. If there are two supporting film characters who are actually quite capable of leading a movie, it’s Falcon and Winter Soldier. Rumors of them taking on the mantle of Captain America have been circulating for years now but it’s also hard to imagine that a mantle like Captain America, a marquee title worth almost a billion dollars, get relegated to television. While this report in no way confirms the fate of Steve Rogers beyond Avengers 4, it does raise eyebrows on when this story could takr place. It was originally reported that Marvel Studios weren’t limiting themselves on the settings and time-period for these stories. This show could be very well set in the days Falcon was tasked to hunt Bucky pre-Age of Ultron. Whatever the case may be, this show is guaranteed to be a big hit.

Source: Variety