Reports of the Czech Republic reopening their country for productions to film there provided the country’s strict guidelines are followed were met with fans becoming hopeful that things may resume for the MCU once again. While it’s unclear whether Disney plans to resume their concluding shoot for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, thanks to some set photos unearthed by our buddy Charles Murphy, it is, at least, clear to us fans that the production had some cool stuff going on on their set. Check out photos for their Madripoor set.

So, while there’s particularly nothing mindblowing with these photos, they do give us an idea of what may take place in this location. Thanks to some good old nerdy detective work by Charles, we know that one of the locales in the set photos, Stinger’s Strip House, is a reference to one of the many safehouses Nick Fury has all over the globe. Therefore, it’s not crazy to think that this Stinger’s Strip House is a safehouse Sam and Bucky visit during their time in Madripoor. Another comic book easter egg in this set is the Brass Monkey Saloon, a watering hole regularly visited by the shadiest of criminals.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse