Over the course of most Marvel Studios projects, there will be slight alterations to the final product via reshoots or script rewrites. The reason for these is usually circumstantial depending on the status of the project, and there usually are never any confirmations attached to them, although people can usually figure out what what ends up happening along the way. The newest rumor of Marvel rewrites and reshoots, courtesy of our good friend Charles Murphy on Murphy’s Multiverse, has revealed that Marvel’s debut Disney+ mini-series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has extended its shooting schedule due to rewrites of the plot, and that it all may have happened to the coronavirus currently threatening lives in the real world.

On top of the coincidental fact that the shows production company is Pandemic Productions, LLC, the earliest of plot leaks and speculation all shared in common the idea of some kind of device unleashing a pandemic across the populace, but there are rumors that this is no longer the case. The coronavirus has already claimed 3000 lives worldwide, spreading quickly with the potential to do serious damage to the global economy. By the time the show premieres on Disney+ this August, it could meet the criteria of a true pandemic, and from what we’ve heard, Disney could be trying to get ahead of a potential disaster with rewriting and reshooting some of the series, with a heavy emphasis on the first couple episodes.

This just shows how often things change behind the scenes of big budget projects like the ones Marvel puts out so regularly. These rumors also make a good deal of sense considering Disney’s relationship with China, ground zero for this terrible virus, especially considering that Disney+ will premiere all over Europe as well, where the virus is currently spreading rapidly. We can only wait and see how the coronavirus works it’s way into The Falcon and The Winter Soldier when it premieres in August, but it does continue to show how innovative the team at Disney and Marvel Studios consistently are.

Source:Murphy’s Multiverse