The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is deep in production and many eagle-eyed fans have been taking set photos recently. The said photos have spread in social media like wildfire and it shows several teases for the MCU Disney+ series. It already revealed first looks at Sebastian Stan‘s new look as Bucky and a grand introduction of the government’s Captain America replacement, US Agent. And now, a new report from our friend Charles Murphy revealed several set photos taken by a fan which revealed signage from a fictional company which includes a line that says, “Rebuilding Your City After the Blip.”

It is already a given that the Blip has made a big impact on the lives of everyone in the MCU. We already saw it touched upon during Spider-Man: Far From Home and the Disney+ series presents a good avenue to explore different sides of how it affected the lives of many. There is no telling if the signage could just be a random ad from the street or the fictional Samson Development company would play a major role in the series. However, we could expect a lot of references to the events of Avengers Endgame since the series is a great opportunity to dig deep into the current state of the world.

In a previous interview with Discussing Film, series writer Derek Kolstad, said that it will be ‘fun to explore the post-Blip world.’

In a post-blip world, while touching upon the darkness of it all, there’s got to be some resilient fun to it.

It is true that the Blip gave a traumatizing experience to many but it can also give stories of hope and resilience in which Falcon and the Winter Soldier can address. This presents an avenue to explore different street-level stories of post-Blip experiences which can help serve as an added inspiration for Sam and Bucky. It will also be intriguing how they will address the return of Baron Zemo in the mix especially if he has been blipped or not. Either way, Zemo could use the Blip as a tool to serve his plan and cause paranoia once more given that a looming viral threat is rumored to emerge as one of the conflicts of the series.


Source: Murphy’s Multiverse