UPDATE: We’ve been bamboozled. The 70s set photo is not from The Falcon & Winter Soldier set. Our apologies for getting everyone else bamboozled.

Disney+ has launched this week and we’ve been learning a lot more about the MCU as a whole which includes several teases to what lies ahead for the post-Infinity Saga world. One of the first offerings of the MCU in Disney+ is Falcon and the Winter Soldier. We’ve learned that production has already started and a special MCU feature teased several pieces of concept art from the upcoming series which featured different looks for the main characters.

With production in full swing, Just Jared shared exclusive first looks from the set of the Disney+ series and it heavily features the new look of Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. The photos didn’t show much but it is quite refreshing to see Bucky walking along the streets of an unnamed city. This goes to show the new status quo of Bucky where he is not hiding anymore from the public especially after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. Based on what eagle-eyed fans saw during the events of Spider-Man Far From Home during the Midtown News retelling of the events that transpired duringAvengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame, Bucky is being recognized by the public as one of the “brave heroes” that saved the world.

Another round of set photos from Reddit teases a 70s setting due to several cars being shown that fit that certain timeline. This doesn’t mean that this will also be a time-travel series like the Loki Disney+ series but this could very well be a flashback to Bucky’s early days as a soldier. We could see his early struggles or experiences that shaped him to become who he is today. Another speculation would be seeing the origin or the catalyst of how the US Agent came to be who is said to be one of the villains of the series.

We expect to see a lot more photos when the Falcon and the Winter Soldier is deep in production.

Source: Just Jared, Reddit