The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is anticipated for a ton of reasons with one of them being that the show that will bring back characters we haven’t seen for a while. Sharon Carter is one of them. Last seen in Captain America: Civil War, we never hear about her in the films following that. Her fate is a complete mystery come Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame**** so a lot of fans have been left wondering just what the hell happened to her. Did Steve and her have a falling out? Did she get snapped? But thanks to some merchandise for ***Falcon and the Winter Soldier we may have an idea on just what the hell she’s been up to. Check it out below!

So it looks like Sharon Carter has been or will be on the run when we see her in the show. It’ll be interesting to learn why exactly since it’s already been a few years since she sided with Cap in Civil War. It’s hard to imagine that her crimes from aiding and abetting Captain America would be still on the line 7 years after everyone involved already seems to have been absolved of it. Plus I like to think that the snap and the blip affected some of the statutes of limitations of a bunch of laws. Regardless, these merch pieces somewhat paint a picture of what we will see Sharon go through and that’s enough for me to get excited.

Source: Twitter