Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently in production and different set photos have already been leaked from it. Last week, set photos revealed the first look of Sebastian Stan‘s Bucky for the series while filming in Atlanta. And now, another batch of set photos have been leaked and it shows the first official look at the logo of the series’ villain, US Agent. You can check it out below.

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The photo seems to show the full logo in all of its beauty and it signifies that the government is keen on introducing their supposed Captain America replacement to the masses, particularly during a college football game. A decorated soldier is announced as the new Captain America in what may presumably a college game in his alma mater? Doesn’t get more ‘Murican than that.

This can also be the first time that both Bucky and Sam learn the government’s plan of utilizing US Agent as the new shield-wielding hero and how they would react to this news will be fun to watch out for. Ultimately, we all know that this will lead to a conflict between Sam and John Walker’s US Agent over the right to be named as the new Captain America in the end.

We’ve already seen the first concept art of the US Agent and we also learned back in D23 that the character will be played by Wyatt Russell. It will be interesting to see how the Disney+ series handles the character and if this version of the character will be injected by yet another modified version of the super-soldier serum.


Source: Reddit