Down to part-5 of this year-end series. As always, this category wasn’t easy as there were too many incredible moments to choose from. You got Coulson’s powerful send-off in the finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6, the Iron Fist status-quo changer with Colleen’s glowing sword, and Daredevil‘s cathartic scream as he defeated Fisk. Us MCU fans are a spoiled bunch. Here are our picks:

Thor Returns to Earth

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it, but Thor’s return to Earth in Infinity War is one of my favorite moments in the MCU. It’s such a triumphant return after we’ve watched this character go through so much tragedy. It also adds a beautiful moment of hope before the devastating end of the film. – Alex Lurie, Feature Writer

I can’t imagine that there was a theater in the world during opening week that didn’t erupt during that shot. The stakes at that moment, the timing of the music, and reveal of his new hammer with Rabbit on his shoulder and Tree by his side made for one of the most memorable moments in MCU history. – KJ Callahan, Feature Writer

Scott’s House Arrest

While I’m not a massive fan of Ant-Man and the Wasp, there is one scene that stands out in a very unique way. In a montage of what Scott’s been doing while under house arrest, and it delivers. We are treated to a classic television theme song accompanied by Ant-Man dancing, singing karaoke, and ugly crying while reading a book made for teenage girls. It’s hilarious, absurd, and I love it. – Curtis Johnson, Feature Writer

Luke Cage Epilogue

A personal favorite moment in the MCU this year must have been seeing the Godfather Part II tribute in Luke Cage. Cage is a rather one-note character, which isn’t a bad thing, and I loved the new direction they were taking his character. Throw on top the last time Misty sees Cage, as the door is closed on her was an appropriate way to end that sequence. – Joseph Aberl, Editor

Killmonger Visits His Father

Has to be when Killmonger sees his father in the ancestral plane in Black Panther. Unlike T’Challa, he does not awaken in Africa, but the confines of his American upbringing, as he and his father are cut off from their heritage, identity, and home. A young Erik professes to his father that he sheds no tears for him because “Everyone dies. It’s just life around here,” as the faint blare of a fire extinguisher service siren can be heard – a reminder of his cause. It’s an incredibly powerful scene that helps delve into the character of Killmonger.

Even more, to see Sterling K. Brown, in his limited screen time, show such love for Erik and regret for the path he had set himself on due to his death is just heartbreaking. It helps cement the motives and drive of Killmonger so well, along with what he feels are the systemic faults in the culture he was raised in, that you can’t help but sympathize with him. – Pierre Chanliau, Editor

Captain America Saves the Day

Like a lot of people, the Avengers theme holds a special place in my heart. I was disappointed to hear it incorporated so sparingly in the MCU after the first film and more frustrated when it barely made a mark in Age of Ultron. So imagine the surge of emotion I felt hearing the original theme roar, watching my favorite MCU character, Captain America step in to save Wanda and Vision from their demise to resounding applause from the theater I was in. Total chills. It’s real-life moments like that that remind me why this cinematic universe is so important to me. – Charles Villanueva, Editor

The Decimation

My pick for best MCU moment in 2018 goes to Thanos’s snap. Unsurprisingly, this moment also won my most surprising moment of the year. Echoing what I said in that category, the fact that the filmmakers had the balls to pull off this scene and END THE MOVIE this way was amazing. The emotions of seeing our characters dust away is something we will never forget, and what makes it more impactful is that even though we know many of them will return, the moment is never cheapened by an obvious solution. We are only months away from Avengers: Endgame and still have no idea what that movie will entail. Brilliance! – Kevin Carter, Editor

Battle on Titan

Also very difficult to choose, but the whole sequence on Titan during Infinity War was one of the highest peaks of the film. Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man meeting Starlord, Drax, Mantis and Nebula, Thanos arrival, the battle that followed and the tragic “I don’t feel so good” line by the end all happened in that beautifully filmed scenario. The battle was especially amazing, with the stones being used and Strange unleashing his full Sorcerer Supreme side. – Tiago Fiszbejn, News Writer